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Vitaline enters Monop' and Casino!

Vitaline enters Monop' and Casino!

That's it. Vitaline is in distribution at Monop’ and Casino.

This is done in parallel with Casino Group taking a minority stake in Vitaline.

This opens up great prospects for us, but we want to stay focused on the job at hand. We will therefore be brief here.

COVID 19 - General situation update - March 24th 2020

COVID 19 - General situation update - March 24th 2020

The situation is exceptional, everyone realizes this and our role is not to relay general information. I will focus on our situation at Vitaline: today we have stabilized the situation and can communicate a reliable state of service.

In summary, we manage to maintain our offer, despite unusual delivery times (10 days for most orders containing pouches). We will fulfill all orders, despite these deadlines. Here is the detail below.

We are setting up regular and detailed update on our forum, here.

As an agrifood supplier we do everything we can to maintain our offer. At Vitaline, this concerns several areas; in order by following the value chain: supplies, production, dispatch, and transport to the customer. Our R&D developments are long term developments, we are pausing them for the time of the crisis.

Hand deliveries and withdrawals

To date we maintain our two main delivery methods:

  • Colissimo at home
  • Hand-picked at our offices (see payment and delivery page). Marginally, we assure some expeditions in Paris by bicycle delivery.

For Colissimo relay points, many are closed. But if the collection point is open, the service is provided. We therefore invite you to check that the pick-up point you choose is open.

Also, we are dependent on Colissimo, and La Poste informs us of a service that is disrupted in certain areas, in particular Ile-de-France (today, March 24). We do not have detailed information to communicate to you here, we assume that the service will be provided but with delays longer than normal.

In case of problems, no worries, we can delay your delivery while waiting for the service to be back in place (and in case of doubt: contact us at +33 9 72 66 23 01 (Mon-Fri 9am-6pm) or on contact [at]

Shipments - preparation of orders

This service is 100% functional. All orders are processed and shipped, service maintained at 100%. The opportunity to thank our partner AFIPH, a center of integration through employment in Grenoble, which is exemplary for ensuring business continuity during this crisis. Thank you friends!

In particular here, certain orders are dispatched with delay: this is due to sales far above normal of pouches. We dispatch as soon as the references leave production.


This is maintained, although in a degraded mode. In particular, here too, everything is made to maintain production by AFIPH, which is our partner on the packaging of sachet references. Thank you friends!

Despite everything, production volumes are lower than normal, due to strong personnel constraints on their side. This generates the delivery times that I mentioned above. Orders are however fulfilled, these are "only" delayed by 5-10 days, specifically pouches.

We have no stock issue concerning bars or bottles.

Supplies and subcontractors

We have no problem here, our suppliers admirably ensure the continuity of their service, despite the sometimes significant difficulties in adapting to this period of crisis (adaptation of working conditions and management of missing staff). Without revealing sourcing secrets and production partners, this is an opportunity to thank them for ensuring the continuity of their offer. Thank you!

I told you above, for the detailed explanations we set up a regular information on our forum, here . Do not hesitate to ask your questions in this forum, this will share the answers.

For any specific question, we are at your disposal from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. at +33 9 72 66 23 01 or on contact [at]

One last word: wash your hands, get into the habit of "barrier" gestures, participate in the collective effort by doing everything you can to avoid catching or spreading the virus!

Green vegetables and Ceps are out!

Green vegetables and Ceps are out!
After taking into account your many feedbacks on social networks, our forum and your customer reviews, dozens of reformulations, research of new ingredients, supplier confrontations, product tests in the R&D lab then in the team… We are proud to announce the entry into our Daily range of Green Vegetables and Ceps mushrooms!

Price formulas: we adjust to facilitate multi-reference orders

Price formulas: we adjust to facilitate multi-reference orders

We had a lot of your feedback, our customers, on our pricing policy, one of whose results was a high price for the case of ordering several references, each in small quantities.

We have updated our price formulas to lower prices in this particular case (down 15% on average). In the majority of other orders, prices are similar.

Here we explain you everything !

Carrot Curcuma V3 Bar: more taste, improved texture...and even better nutritional values!

Carrot Curcuma V3 Bar: more taste, improved texture...and even better nutritional values!

That's great news! We have reworked the formula of our Sweet Potato Carrot bar toimprove texture and taste, while being even more plus performant d'un point de vue nutritionnel 💪 We present you the 3 Carrot Curcuma version.

Softer texture and a flavorful taste!

We added toasted golden flaxseed, Curcuma, curry and lemon juice. Thus, the flavor is naturally enhanced and spicier thanks to quality ingredients.

In order to obtain a softer and crispier texture,, we have reduced the quantity of rice syrup, removed the agave syrup and increased the quantity of flax.

Even better nutritional values!

Our version 2 bar already had the best nutritional values in the category, including a Nutri-Score A and a score of 94/100 sur Yuka (To learn more on )

Our new version goes even further with:

  • More omega 3 (1,6 g/100g vs 1,2 g/100g)
  • Less sugar (11 g/100g vs 12,5 g/100g)

You will find all the nutritional values, vitamin and mineral supplements and the aminogram of our new version on its nutritional sheet.

You can already pre-order pre-order our new version which will be delivered at the beginning of July.

We are in the de Pilot Program phase and look forward to your feedback on this new version. By email (, on our forum ou en mettant un avis sur notre site. or by posting a notice on our website. Your feedback is essential and helps us to progress. 🙂

We are launching in Pilot Program two new Organic Daily: Leeks and Mushrooms!

We are launching in Pilot Program two new Organic Daily: Leeks and Mushrooms!

A few weeks ago, we announced the organic label for our Daily range. Today, we are very happy to offer you two new salty versions: Daily Mushrooms and Daily Leeks.

As with all our Vitaline products, the formulation of Daily Mushrooms and Daily Leeks was developed by our engineers from very strict specifications, in order to obtain unparalleled nutritional values in our category.

52 days to cross the Atlantic with Vitaline: Check!

52 days to cross the Atlantic with Vitaline: Check!

Two skippers, Nicolas and Guillaume, have rowed 4800 km to cross the Atlantic Ocean. It took them 52 days to achieve this feat during the Talisker challenge. They finished third in their category! In these extreme living conditions and with such intense effort, they chose Vitaline products from the Daily range to accompany them throughout the race. This was an opportunity for us to see the effects and benefits of our products under these extraordinary conditions! 

Nutritional performance and organic: challenge taken up!

Nutritional performance and organic: challenge taken up!

Our mission is to offer you the most efficient complete food on the market with an excellent quality and using the best ingredients. With still an excellent price-quality ratio.

That's why we attach great importance to the selection of our ingredients. We are convinced of the superior quality of organic ingredients for proved health reasons and the benefits for the planet. This is why all our recipes have been made with a minimum of 80% organic ingredients until now.

This month, thanks to a deepened reworking of the formulation of the Daily range, we are taking a major step forward: organic labelling!

Behind the scenes of the development of our lipid source

Behind the scenes of the development of our lipid source

To combine organic and nutritional performance, one of our challenges has been to design our lipid sources.

We observed that there was no satisfactory oil in powder form on the market. Indeed, there is no organic oil with both an interesting lipid profile and a carrier (necessary for the powder format) with nutritional value.

We have therefore designed and developed a unique blend of oils that meets our own quality criteria with a microencapsulation specialist. We are the only player in the market to have taken up this challenge! This allows us to offer you products with an excellent lipid profile.