Daily - Green vegetables - Organic

Daily - Green vegetables - Organic

Daily - Green vegetables - Organic


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Green vegetables bottles - Update on September 25th, 2020 : Dispatch from 2nd October.


Vitaline Daily : give your best each day. Simply.

Elaborated to offer you some healthy and efficient nutrition, Vitaline Daily is a range conceived so you can give your best each day.
Our organic ingredients rigorously selected for their excellent nutritional properties will provide you some energy. Well balanced and complete, Vitaline Daily will help you to stay healthy and gain vitality, simply.

Healthy and complete




* for one portion of 400 kcal

High nutritional quality ingredients

Vitaline Daily - Green Vegetables combines the nutritional performance of Vitaline with the natural and comforting taste of leek.

In a bottle, there is the equivalent of:

... and many other good ingredients!

Two formats that fit your daily life and objectives

  • The 400 kcal bottle format, practical and easy to take everywhere. Add water, shake it up, it's ready! Slip into your gym bag, hike, train or office for quick lunch breaks. This format is also ideal to discover the different versions of our range.
  • The 4 000 kcal pouch format (10 x 400 kcal), to dose Vitaline according to your needs. In your shaker, pour the dose of Vitaline you want, then add water. This more economical format is suitable for regular Vitaline consumers who know their needs and preferences, and use Vitaline in a more sedentary environment (at the office, at home...) or for long expeditions (hiking, sailing...).


Buckwheat flour* 21.6%, yellow flaxseed*, unrefined manioc syrup*, mixture of powdered oils* (oleic sunflower*, rapeseed*, flax*; carrier: unrefined manioc syrup*, acacia fibre*; antioxidant: natural rosemary extract*), milk protein* (origin: Switzerland), potatoes* 7.1%, spinach 5.6%, leeks 5%, coconut milk, chestnut flour*, pea protein* 2.5%, mushrooms*, acacia fibre*, maca*, Guérande salt, moringa* 1%, acai berries*, lithothamnium, acerola*, carrots*, roucou*, rice bran*, curry leaves*, basil*, parsley*, amla*, green tea*, shitake*, lichens*, spirulina*, antioxidant: natural rosemary extract*.
* Ingredients from organic farming.
May contain traces of nuts.

Download the complete nutritional information of Vitaline Daily Organic - Green Vegetables

Storage: Store away from light, in a cool, dry place. Shelf life: 5 months for bottles and 6 months for pouches.


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Customer Reviews

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Besoin: La qualite
Barrières: Aucu
Test: Oui feed
Besoin: un repas pratique et équilibré, mais pas goût chocolat ou vanille comme le proposent vos concurrents
Barrières: le goût, la texture, et si le mélange serait homogène. j'avais aussi peur de ne pas être rassasiée
Test: non, mais j'ai comparé un vingtaine de marques sur internet
Très pratique et goût satisfaisant
Besoin: Efficacité
Super efficace
Besoin: Un repas en une bouteille pour le coté pratique, pour le gout pour la faim qui ne revient que 6 heures plus tard, pour le côté équilibré qu'on a pas ailleurs quand on mange à l'exterieur.
Barrières: aucun
Test: Oui Feed
Les bouteilles salées les meilleures
Besoin: Sain, naturel, bio, antioxydant, équilibré, complet. C'est le message que j'attendais.
Barrières: Textures, goûts
Test: J'avais testé Feed. Mais depuis leur changement de gamme, c'est beaucoup moins bon. Et puis je ne connaissais pas Vitaline à l'époque. Heureuse découverte. Votre positionnement me parle beaucoup plus que le leur.
Bien mais perfectible