What is the difference between Vitaline Recover and other sports recovery products?

Vitaline Recover is a complete and healthy meal, which has been optimized to answer sportspersons needs after a workout. You have nothing else to add.Vitaline Recover est un repas complet et sain, qui a été optimisé pour les besoins des sportifs après l’effort. Il n’y a rien à ajouter. Sports recovery products are usually unbalanced and incomplete:
  • - some products provide only carbohydrate to recharge glycogen stocks
  • - some products bring only proteins to boost muscular synthesis
  • - overall, they don’t contain enough lipids, fibers, vitamins and minerals

  • Most of those products include also additives and artificial flavours, which means that they are not always very healthy.

Can everybody consume Vitaline Recover?

Vitaline Recover is obviously without any danger and can be consumed every day after a workout. Nevertheless, you have to be careful. The product is not recommended for pregnant women, breastfeeding women, children, people having heart failure or kidney failure.

There is little sugar in Vitaline Recover, is it enough for recovery after a workout?

The quantity of sugar contained in Vitaline Recover is sufficient. According to the INCO regulation (n°1169/2011), it is recommended to consume less than 90 g of sugar a day : beyond that, you increase your risk of developing diseases, especially cardiovascular diseases. Vitaline Ignite (to consume before a workout) contains more sugar in order to bring enough energy to the organism before a workout. After a workout, the body needs less sugar than before. It’s the reason why Vitaline Recover contains less sugar, but a sufficient quantity to boost the anabolism and recharge the glycogen stocks. Recover is a full meal after workout and not a product designed to gain only muscle mass.

Where do the active ingredients come from?

Spirulina and chlorella are plant-based, organic and produced in France. BCAAs come from the fermentation of vegetable raw material. Creatine and citrulline malate are synthetic.

Do active ingredients have side effects ?

The quantities of active ingredients contained in Vitaline Recover are equivalent to those you can find in your daily food: sufficient to feel a positive effect, but not too important so that they do not cause side effects.
For example, Vitaline Recover contains 1 g of creatine, which is the equivalent of 200 g of beef meat. According to the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority), consumption of less than 3 g a day does not cause any side effects.
Another example : Vitaline Recover contains 1,5 g of BCAA, the equivalent of 40 g of sirloin steak. Studies have shown that a consumption of 15 g per day of BCAA or citrulline malate over short periods of time have no side effects.

Where does BCAAs appear in the ingredients list?

BCAAs are the leucine, the valine and the isoleucine that you can see in the amino acid table.

Why are the displayed amounts of BCAAs in the aminogram different from those in the ingredients list ?

Milk proteins already contain BCAAs (there is a lot in animal products) and we add some more in the product. That’s why with 0,50 g of incorporate leucine, we obtain at the end 2,89 g of leucine in total.

Is BCAAs quantity sufficient for muscle recovery?

BCAAs come from two sources: milk proteins and BCAAs added in the product. The quantities are higher than the Dietary Reference Values to maximise the muscle recovery:
  • - Vitaline Recover contains 26 g of proteins, which satisfies 52% of the DRV, that’s more than the Dietary Reference Values (30%)
  • - Concerning the BCAAs, Vitaline Recover satisfies on average between 90% and 100% of the DRV with only one bottle, as we can see in the amino acid profile of Vitaline Recover

Let’s not forget Vitaline Recover’s context of use: it has to be consumed after Ignite (pre-workout meal), and the combination of both provides all the essential amino acids in a very good amount for muscle recovery.