Daily life

You juggle between professional and personal life, dealing with different projects on both sides. Treat yourself to a healthy and balanced meal without using excuses we all have: in a hurry, too expensive, not enough time to cook. If you like eating but cooking is not your thing , Vitaline is the perfect option to maintain a healthy diet without being constrained by recipes, shopping or preparation. Spend more time doing things you really like!

@ Work

For those days filled with work and meetings, where you don't have time to sit down and enjoy your meal. Vitaline slipped into your bag in the morning allows you to enjoy a meal ready in 1 minute : easy and handy between two meetings. Mix and shake, the trick is done. You don't need a blender, that's what our bottle is for.

Before or after training

You spend a lot of time training and need an efficient and performant solution. A convenient and easy-to-prepare meal made of natural and whole ingredients, reduced to powder and put together into a nutritional mix. Vitaline gives you the nutritional intakes necessary to be at 100% of your capacities. The perfect solution to satisfy your hunger for several hours or to recover peacefully after your workout.

On the road

You are constantly traveling from one city to another, chasing after a train or a flight, or driving around. With Vitaline, forget the meal trays of dubious quality and without consistency. No more overpriced sandwiches bought from motorway services. Vitaline is the perfect ally to take with you everywhere, and it often is cheaper than other alternatives. Stop worrying about how to maintain a balanced diet. Vitaline is the perfect solution to fill you up on the go.

For the nights in

For those evenings where laziness wins you, Vitaline allows you to have a complete and balanced meal effortlessly, with all the necessary nutritional contributions. Simply need to aim just to reach the right water level and that's it. All this without moving from your sofa.


Maxime Friess

Real estate agents & health gourmet

"Vitaline is the peace of mind of eating quickly and not worry about nutrition and traceability. In drawers on days when you can't see the time passing by; in the suitcase when you're traveling and; in the glove compartment on road trips."

Clémence Andreu

Wind farm project manager & hike lover

"The perfect solution for a healthy and balanced lunch, quick to prepare when hiking. I had Vitaline everyday for lunch during the Tour du Mont Blanc, Vitaline helped us finish it easily! Unbeatable in practicality!"

Laurent Jamet

Mountaineer, adventurer & filmmaker

"I had the chance to test Vitaline in advance during the ascent of Mount Elbrouz. I took it at critical times when I wanted to be sure of my abilities. For expeditions and mountaineering it's really perfect."

Simon Dubois

Business lawyer & sportsman

"I needed a healthy, balanced and complete nutrition when in a rush at work or in the evening after training. Vitaline quickly replaced improvised and often unbalanced meals."