Life is easier with Vitaline

Because you already have so much to do in your life. Because sometimes meals are functional and not necessarily convivial. Because you want your diet to give your body 100% of its capacity.
To live better, longer. It's as simple.

Is it easy to consume Vitaline?

Nothing could be easier! Begin the experience with the trial pack, everything is included. A variety of tastes and formats to help you decide which ones suit you best. If you need more information, we are always happy to answer your questions!

How quick is it to make my Vitaline?

A complete and balanced meal ready in 1 min, do you hear that everyday ? More time spent living, less time spent preparing, it should be one of our mottos. The pre-dosed bottle is super easy : open, add water, shake and your meal is ready. The shaker requires a bit more experience: pour the amount of Vitaline you need into the shaker, add water, shake and your meal is ready. Easy. You can carry both formats with you, it all depends on your hunger.

What about satiety?

No worries, Vitaline is conceived to keep you full for several hours. The formula helps keeping a stable level of energy over this period. The low glycemic index and fibre level extend the feeling of satiety. In addition, the proteins have a higher satiety value than sugars or fat with equal calories. Your hunger will be satisfied for several hours with a reasonable calorie intake.

Is Vitaline right for me?

Vitaline is developed for men, women, workers, athletes and non sporty people. Vitaline is suitable for everyone. Because we could all use an effective meal sometimes, to stay focused, to avoid cravings during training or to eat autonomously during weekend hikes for instance. Vitaline is for everyone a solution to eat a healthy, convenient and quick meal.


Maxime Friess

Real estate agents & health gourmet

"Vitaline is the peace of mind of eating quickly and not worry about nutrition and traceability. In drawers on days when you can't see the time passing by; in the suitcase when you're traveling and; in the glove compartment on road trips."

Clémence Andreu

Wind farm project manager & hike lover

"The perfect solution for a healthy and balanced lunch, quick to prepare when hiking. I had Vitaline everyday for lunch during the Tour du Mont Blanc, Vitaline helped us finish it easily! Unbeatable in practicality!"

Laurent Jamet

Mountaineer, adventurer & filmmaker

"I've had the chance to test Vitaline before everyone during the ascent of Mount Elbrouz. At critical times when I wanted to be sure of my abilities, that's when I would have it. For expeditions and mountaineering it's really perfect."

Simon Dubois

Business lawyer & sportsman

"I needed a healthy, balanced and complete nutrition when in a rush at work or in the evening after training. Vitaline quickly replaced improvised and often unbalanced meals."