Carrot - Sweet potato bar - Organic - Pilot program phase 1

Carrot - Sweet potato bar - Organic - Pilot program phase 1

Carrot - Sweet potato bar - Organic - Pilot program phase 1


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After several months of development, our Vitaline bar is available!.
This version is in Pilot Program Phase 1: our first series of production, still subject to adjustments. We take your feedback on the forum: Feedbacks about the Carotte Sweet potato bar!

The specifications were simple: to offer you the bar with the most efficient nutrition in Europe.

Our first version Carrot-Sweet potato is 100% vegetal, bio labelisable, et with a Nutri-Score A... and without OGM, gluten, soy, added sugar, artifical flavor or artificial additives.

The bar is composed of nuts (cashew, almond), seeds (squash seeds, linseeds),cereals (oats, buckweat), vegetables (carrot, sweet potato, onion), super foods (lithothamne, acerola, moringa) and a sirup to fix all the ingredients together (unrefined rice syrup and agave syrup). The ingredients are complete or in pieces, to get a nice crunchy texture.

The Vitaline bar is 200 kcal. We continue our logic which is to create foods with explicit energy quantity (200 kcal, 400 kcal ...) to allow you to control your food, with complete products and of high nutritional quality. The food should approach as nutritional blocks to assemble to build your daily diet (snacks, meals ...). The 200 kcal of the bar are part of this process, for example:

  • Snack before or after a sports session;
  • Office snacks, in class, or during exams;
  • In a meal, in addition to a bottle, Vitaline shaker, or other foods!
  • Hiking, traveling ...

The best nutritional values for a complete bar in Europe

We believe we have the best nutritional values for a bar on the European market (taking as a criterion a target "long-term nutritional values" and factors that are scientifically accepted). Our approach is twofold:

  • On the one hand we are very confident of our position after extensive research;
  • on the other hand, rigor requires us to be open to remarks, criticisms or any other discussion on the subject. The basis of science is to be open to questioning.

Long term nutritional targets

The Carrot - Sweet potato bar is a Daily version, which means it was designed to reach long-term nutritional targets. The question is how much you want to consume, but you will not be unbalanced by eating the Carrot - Sweet potato bar.

Bio labelisable?

Vitaline - Bar Carrot - sweet potato is labelisable Bio. We have not yet obtained certification, but we fulfill the specifications and expect to obtain it in the coming weeks.

Why don't we have the label right now? Because we want to sell the product as soon as possible. To wait for the labeling would make us lose 4 to 12 weeks ... without even counting the evolutions of formula which must be certified again, weighing even more the process of development in the initial phases.


Ingredients: unrefined organic rice syrup, organic oatmeal (gluten-free), organic almonds, organic cashew nuts, organic carrots 8.4%, organic sweet potato 8%, organic pea protein, organic flaxseed, Organic squash seeds, organic grilled buckwheat, organic oat bran, organic onion 2.3%, organic agave, organic acacia fiber, bio lithothamne, organic acerola, organic moringa, organic carrot, organic roucou, organic rice bran , organic curry leaves, organic basil, organic lemon, organic spinach, organic parsley, organic amla, organic green tea, organic shitake, lichens sp. bio, sea salt.

Added minerals: none.
Vitamins added: none.
Allergens: nuts. May contain traces of gluten.

Flavor: Carrott - Sweet potato.
kcal / bar: 200 kcal

France: FREE, delivered within 2 to 5 business days
International : see conditions

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Une barre savoureuse qui change des barres sucrées

J'aime cette barre dans le sens ou elle a un vrai goût de légumes, donc à tendance plutôt salée, elle est assez moelleuse, se mange facilement, elle nourrit bien et donc remplace facilement un repas

Encas pratique.

En complément d'une bouteille Vitaline qui permet d'avoir un apport de 600Kcal dans le cadre de mon activité professionnelle quand je n'ai pas le temps de faire un repas "normal". Ou prise dans l'après midi pour me caler jusqu'au soir.

Barres vitaline

Très bonne en goût
mâche assez sympathique
Très en cas qui permet réellement d avoir une sensation de satiété pendant plusieurs heures
Je vais bientôt les tester en sortie longue de trail 3 à 4 de course

Bon produit

Consistant et moins sucré que les barres feed, parfait pour un en-cas rapide .


Top. Je vais en recommander et tester les boissons maintenant