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Discover Vitaline RECOVER, the best post-workout food! Vitaline RECOVER has been designed to provide you with a healthy diet after a workout, facilitate your recovery and promote muscle building.

 Butternut Onion
Number of calories: 400 kcal per bottle
Weight: 110g
Pack: 6 bottles

Why a post workout version?

The recovery products on the market are generally unbalanced and incomplete: some provide only carbohydrates to recharge glycogen stocks, others provide only proteins to promote muscle synthesis.
We have designed Vitaline RECOVER to offer a complete and healthy meal (and not a supplement), optimized for the needs of athletes:

  • Recover quickly by recharging glycogen stocks
  • Promote muscle reconstruction
  • Reduce muscle fatigue and pain (aches and pains)


For what kind of use?

Vitaline Recover is ideal for helping recovery. After 1h to 2h intense trainings (jogging, team sports, tennis, bodybuilding, split, bike ...).

Energy quantity

Stimulation level

Fast assimilation

Improved anabolism

Reduced muscular traumatisms


Composition Details

Vitaline RECOVER contains:

  • To refill in energy: carbohydrates to prepare the body for the next training
  • For recovery: a blend of sodium, magnesium, potassium, calcium and vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B8, B9, B12, C.
  • For muscle synthesis and mass gain: amino acids (BCAA) in significant amount

See all the composition details on our dedicated blog post (French - but english is coming): Recover, the best post workout nutrition

Creatine info :
Creatine is naturally present in muscle fibers and the brain. It is particularly useful for the rapid synthesis of ATP useful for short and intense efforts. Creatine is recommended for sports using the anaerobic chain.
Vitaline IGNITE contains 1.0 g of creatine, the equivalent of 200 g of beef.

Tips for use

Consume Vitaline Recover between 0 and 30 minutes after your workout to enjoy all the benefits.

We recommend taking Vitaline IGNITE (400 kcal) before the session, supplemented by a Vitaline RECOVER (400 kcal) after a session, ideal for recovery as it is rich in proteins and anti-oxydants.
Base of 800 kcal adapted to a sport practice.

Example of dose
Sports session in the morning:
7h : 1 bottle of Vitaline IGNITE
7h30-8h30 : session of sport
9h : 1 bottle of Vitaline RECOVER to recover and supplement the calorie intake
Sport session during lunch:
12h : 1 bottle of Vitaline IGNITE
12h30-14h : gym session
14h30 : 1 bottle of Vitaline RECOVER to recover and supplement the calorie intake
Sports session in the evening:
19h : take Vitaline IGNITE
19h30-21h : session of sport
21h30 : 1 bottle of Vitaline RECOVER to recover and supplement the calorie intake

International: see conditions

Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
L'aliment qui me manquait

Quand on veut manger sainement, pour être au top au travail et performant en sport, tout ça en 10 minutes, c'était impossible. Maintenant ça l'est !

Excellent produit

Très bon gout, non sucré, non chimique, très rassasiant. Emballage pratique.

Très satisfaite

Très satisfaite, j'ai repassé commande.
Vitaline correspond bien à mon mode de vie en me permettant de manger sainement même quand j'ai peu de temps devant moi (ou aucune envie de cuisiner)

Très satisfait

Je l’utilise pour manger le midi sur mon lieu de travail ou le « focus » le matin avant d’aller au Ball-trap marche parfaitement cale et permet d’être mieux concentré. Le daily est quant à lui satisfaisant pour un repas le midi, étant diabétique l’index glycémique faible me permet de baisser ma dose d’insuline.


Très satisfait des produits Vitaline.