Daily - Mushrooms - Phase 2

Daily - Mushrooms - Phase 2

Daily - Mushrooms - Phase 2


January 2nd, 2020: our formula Mushrooms - Phase 2 is no longer sold in the Pilot Program; this formula has been qualified in Pilot Program, we produce it on a large scale in our Daily range.
Daily Cep Organic is available here!

Vitaline Daily : To give your best each day. Simply

Elaborated to offer you some healthy and efficient nutrition, Vitaline Daily is a range of 400 kcal meals.
Our organic ingredients rigorously selected for their excellent nutritional properties will provide you some energy. Well balanced and complete, Vitaline Daily will help you to stay healthy and gain vitality, simply.

Healthy and complete




* for one portion of 400 kcal

High quality ingredients

Vitaline Daily - Mushrooms combines the nutritional performance of Vitaline with the earthy and natural flavor ofenhanced with a touch of garlic.

In a 400 kcal portion, you'll find :

… and many other delicious ingredients!

A 400kcal bottle to take with you everywhere

The 400 kcal bottle format is practical and easy to take everywhere. Add water, shake it up, it's ready! To slip into your gym bag, on the hike, on the train or at the office for quick lunch breaks. This format is ideal to discover our products in the Pilot program.


Unrefined manioc syrup * , yellow flaxseed*, buckwheat flour*, milk protein*(origin : Switzerland), mixture of powdered oils (oleic sunflower *, rapeseed*, flaxseed* ; carrier : unrefined manioc syrup*, acacia fibre* ; antioxidant: natural rosemary extract*), potatoes*, chestnut flour*, mushrooms* (3%), pea protein*, agave syrup*, coconut milk*, natural flavour, acacia fibre*, maca*, Guérande salt, garlic*, acaï berries*, lithothamnium, acerola*, moringa*, carrots*, roucou*, rice bran*, curry leaves*, basil*, lemon*, spinach*, parsley*, amla*, green tea*, shitake*, lichens*, spirulina*, antioxidant: natural rosemary extract*.
* Ingredients from organic farming.

May contain traces of nuts.

Download the complete nutritional information of Vitaline Daily Organic - Mushrooms

Storage : Store away from light, in a cool, dry place. Shelf life: 5 months.


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Besoin: La bouteille abandonnée par feed. La satiété, le prix, la qualité alimentaire.
Barrières: taille. Goût.
Test: oui. Je suis un ancien abonné feed.
un bon début.
Besoin: Le goût amandes
Besoin: un repas ocasionnel bon et rapide à preparer
Barrières: l aspect "farine"
Test: oui
Excellent produit