Vitaline Daily

Vitaline Daily are complete ready-to-consume food, labels, excellent nutrition.

The contribution of tone comes from the quality of our ingredients (organic), strictly selected for their excellent nutritional qualities. Designed for a long-term equilibrium, Vitaline Daily helps you to be more fit daily and gain vitality, easily.

Our formulas to rehydrate are available in 2 packaging: bottles and sachets.

Bottles in individual format of 400 kcal . Ready in 1 min. Made of 50% recycled and 100% recyclable PET.
The sachets of 6 portions of 400kcal are compact, economical , practical to consume at home or on a hike and 100% recyclable.
The bars are 200 kcal whole foods. Super satiating , they are ideal in case of untimely cravings.

The benefits of the Vitaline Daily range

Super satiating and digestible

Complete profiles

Exellent nutrition