The nutrition reference of ready-to-eat.

To allow you to be always ready, without compromise nutrition.
Our nutritional quality is a reference in Europe
Give you access to excellent nutrition, without having to worry about it.
Our difference? Quality and nutrition performance is our promise.

• Quality ingredients and demanding sourcing
• Pointed formulations
• integrated vertically: R & D, to production; The only ones in Europe
• Our products refer to nutrition in Europe since 2016, and we do not intend to change!
• A series of innovations like no other actor on the category

For different goals
2 ranges of adapted products
Optimize your daily life, healthy.
Vitaline Daily
Balanced and long-term nutritional values, varied formulas.
Sport - Concentration - Sleep
Vitaline Catalyst
Foods adapted to specific uses, and always excellent nutritional quality.

"Vitaline has changed my life! Today, to eat is never a problem again."

Clémentine Papon, 14.06.2021, Google Reviews
An effective diet in all these situations
In transport or between two socks?
A super practical breakfast
The bottle is super practical to gain valuable minutes.
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A quick break?
Lunch 100% efficient
Take a bar + a bottle to always be ready or complement a lunch too light.
>> Discover the savoury bars
Peckish ?
A suspicious snack
The bars bring sustainable satiety, ideal for untimely cravings. And always excellent vitaline nutrition.
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Frigo empty? Still hungry after an evening with friends?
A light and complete dinner
Cold or hot, liquid or unctuous at the bowl, it's super good!
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... and in reality, what do our customers say? Our reviews are so good that they would be bought!


"Vitaline products have changed my life: physical energy, time savings, psychic availability, disappearance of strokes, practical aspects and gustative qualities of meals on the thumb ..."

Joachim Aubry
May 2021

I have never found an equivalent, in taste in particular, in other brands.

"The very practical powder of use can be transported in a workplace shaker and prepared on site with a single addition of water. I recommend vitaline for those who wish to replace a meal by a balanced substitute with a taste 100% natural ... and cheaper than a sandwich or salad! "

Vince Thebarn
September 2021, Facebook

"It's been several years since I consume Vitaline regularly, and even more since the closing of restaurants because I can eat easily and cleanly in the office. It's convenient, nutritious, healthy and very good."

Eric Milan
May 2021

For 3 years, the companion of my projects

"I am delighted. I consume vitaline at noon, two to three times a week. Not only does it prevent me from consuming something less healthy instead, but in addition it frees me time on my lunch break for activities who bring me joy. I love the discreet and cereal taste of powders, I do not get tired. Thank you! "

March 2021

Really very satisfied with vital quality.

"Very digestive nutrient drinks, taste and natural flavors, simple and fast preparation. Never lumps. I highly recommend vitaline products. And a big thank you for the availability and warm exchange of its founders, who have been Very good advice. "

Katia Lahoussay
September 2021
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Our rigor chosen by the best

Chosen by the most demanding distributors

Recognized by the experts

The best customer reviews in the category

Our commitments
To make a difference
A voluntary approach on food quality.
At Vitaline, we make ambitious choices on nutrition and health benefits.
• Very low carbon footprint
• Vegetarian food
• Low in waste
• Recyclable materials
• Long shelf life = low food waste
Our partnership with AFIPH, which operates at our Grenoble site, contributes to integration through work.

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