Package discovery catalyst (WIP)
Package discovery catalyst (WIP)

Package discovery catalyst (WIP)

• Catalyst = Healthy X Performant
Formulas developed to support your metabolism through appropriate nutrition , in activities where food has the most impact . The ingredients and their complementarities are rigorously worked and proportioned for a healthy performance, without health compromise.
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Find our daily organic collection in this discovery Kit!

Daily series products included in this package:

If you have any questions about the formula of our products, you can ask about our productsforum.

Vitamin Daily: maximize your daily life and health!

Vitaline daily aims to provide healthy and efficient nutrition. It is a comprehensive food (bottled = 400 kcal, bar = 200 kcal).
The source of hue is the quality of our organic ingredients, which are strictly selected because of their excellent nutritional quality. Vitaline daily is designed for long-term balance to help you stay healthy and get energetic easily in your daily life.

For more information, visitOur differences.

Two convenient formats!

400 kcal bottle size is easy to carry. Add water, shake well, that's it!

The 200 kcal bar format allows you to eat it as a snack or put it in a meal.

preservation:Store in a cool and dry place. Guaranteed delivery time: 3 months for bottles and 4 months for bars.

Store away from light, in a cool, dry place.
Shelf life guaranteed on delivery: 3 months for bottles

Eating well in any situation? With Vitaline Catalyst, this will no longer be an obstacle.

A Pack of 4 Catalyst formulas in bottle format,
to find the one(s) that suits you.

Vitaline Catalyst Ignite: complete pre-sport nutrition

With the natural and fresh taste of red fruits, Vitaline Ignite accompanies your metabolism before a sports session by giving you tone and endurance , muscle protection and optimized digestion .

Vitaline Catalyst Recover: complete post-sport nutrition

Ideal food after your sports session, Vitaline Recover allows you to treat aches and cramps , optimizes your muscle synthesis and improves your recovery of tone . With a comforting and natural butternut onion taste.

Vitaline Catalyst Focus: complete pro-focus nutrition

To optimize your cognitive performance , Vitaline Focus is a complete citrus nutrition that helps channel thoughts and promotes stress management .

Vitaline Catalyst Recharge: complete pre-sleep nutrition

Consumed before your sleep, Vitaline Recharge is a green vegetable formula designed to be easily digested , promote rapid sleep and obtain restful sleep .

Optimal nutrition before your sports session and after exercise
Complete pre-sport nutrition
Ideally consumed 30 minutes before the start of your session, Vitaline Ignite is optimized for intense sessions of medium duration (1h to 2h) .
Complete post-sport nutrition
Vitaline Recover is designed to support your metabolism after sport. Ideally consumed as the first diet after your session , Vitaline Recover is effective if consumed up to ~12 hours after exercise , and can be consumed away from sessions without any problem!
For better cognitive performance
Complete Pro-Focus Nutrition
Effective in ~30 min and for 3 to 6 hours , Vitaline Focus is ideal for breakfast (all or part) to give yourself the means to be at the best of your abilities for an important day.
An optimal night's sleep
Complete pre-sleep nutrition
Designed to support your metabolism towards a restful night , Vitaline Recharge is ideally consumed 1h to 2h before the desired sleep . Ideal for dinner (all or part).
Formulas to rehydrate: adapts to your tastes and uses
Straight from the bottle...
... hot, creamy in a bowl, with a spoon…
... or as an ingredient in smoothies and many other recipes!

And still the Vitaline nutritional quality :
• Complete and with unrivaled nutritional profiles
• The best labels in the category
• Excellent nutrition down to the details

4 Vitaline Catalyst to support your metabolism with appropriate nutrition , in activities where food has the most impact .

Now you know everything :)
You too can try this Discovery Pack
always be ready!

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