General questions

1. What is Vitaline?

Vitaline is an organic and complete food, to drink or in bar form, scientifically designed to be nutritionally effective and easy to consume. Vitaline is a healthy and practical solution to keep control of your diet and be in good shape easily, for your quick meals (at the office, before sport, on the go...). Vitaline allows you to remove the "bad" part of your diet easily, while gaining in vitality and energy.

2. Can I eat exclusively Vitaline?

Yes, technically you can. Vitaline is a complete and nutritionally optimized food. For instance, the skippers of the team "Au large" have been eating Vitaline during their 52-days rowing across the Atlantic! We have customers who eat Vitaline several days a week, at lunch at the office for instance, and others who consume it occasionally, before sports or hiking. It depends on your lifestyle and goals!

3. Will I be hungry with Vitaline?

No, you won't be hungry. The low glycemic index, fibers, and proteins in Vitaline extend the feeling of satiety. The right proportions of our ingredients naturally cause this sensation. Like any food, it is up to you to adjust the quantities according to your needs:
  • - a bottle is 400 kcal
  • - a bar is 200 kcal
  • - one pouch is 4000 kcal and allows you to adjust your dose in your shaker
To get an idea of your needs according to your age, you can consult this table .

4. At what time of day should I consume Vitaline?

The Daily organic rangeis a healthy and quick food solution, allowing you to be in good shape every day.

You can eat Vitaline at any time of the day, whenever you want. It is an efficient solution in the complicated moments of everyday life, when you have little time to eat or prepare your meal:
  • - at breakfast, if you don't have much time or difficulty eating in the morning
  • - at lunch, between your sports session and returning to work, or between two meetings
  • - as a snack in the afternoon
  • - on the evening, before or after a sports session
  • - on the move, on public transports
  • - on hike or a trip...
Thanks to our flexible approach of nutrition (200 kcal, 400 kcal or dosing pouch), you can have precise control over your diet and adapt it to any situation at any time of day.

Our products in the Catalyst range have been designed to meet specific goals,, for particular situations:
  • - Focus to help intellectual concentration (at work, to review or take an exam...)
  • - Ignite to eat before sports session and be more efficient
  • - Recover to eat after sports session and recover better
In order to benefit from all their advantages, the Catalyst products have to be consumed to achieve the objectives they were designed for.

5. Can eating liquid food cause digestion problems?

The only difference between a liquid meal and a solid meal is the chewing stage, which does not exist for the liquid meal. All the other stages of digestion are similar. Once the chyme (alimentary bolus) passes through the stomach, it is poured into the small intestine. Food undergoes several chemical transformations (partly through digestive enzymes and microbiota) to be reduced to small molecules: nutrients. Nutrients pass through the intestinal wall and into the blood (this is called absorption). Then, the blood distributes nutrients to all cells in the body.

Consuming Vitaline can be destabilizing at first, while your body assimilates that it is eating well. But after 2 or 3 takes, the body gets used to it.

The phenomenon of digestion is complicated and exciting. We hope to be able to tell you more about it very soon on our website.

Vitaline consumption

6. How much Vitaline should I consume?

On average, an adult woman needs 1,800 to 2,200 kcal per day and a man 2,200 to 2,700 kcal per day. Nutritional needs vary from one person to another (height, physical activity...). To get an idea of your needs according to your age, you can consult this table .

We are committed to bringing our customers into the field of nutrition and better understanding their needs. That's why we offer products that allow you to adjust the quantities yourself. One bottle contains 400 kcal, one bar 200 kcal and you can adjust your dose in a shaker with the pouch (4000 kcal). Our products have a defined amount of calories, they are assembled like nutritional blocks that you can modulate according to your needs, objectives of the moment, etc… We advise you to adjust the quantities to your hunger and your activity.

7. How to prepare your Vitaline bottle?

  1. Aerate your powder
  2. Fill the bottle to 3/4 full
  3. Turn the bottle over and tap the bottom to drop the powder
  4. Mix the bottle vigorously upside down
  5. Re-fill with water to the top and shake again.
  6. That's ready :)

8. How to prepare your Vitaline shaker?

  1. Pour the amount of Vitaline you want to consume:
    400 kcal → 95 g (ou 180 ml)
    660 kcal → 155 g (ou 300 ml)
  2. Shake to aerate the powder
  3. Add water once, about to the middle of the shaker
  4. Shake upside down
  5. Re-fill with water (depending on the texture you prefer)
  6. Shake vigorously upside down, it's ready!:)

9. What liquid can Vitaline be prepared with? How much to add?

Vitaline mixes with water. Water makes it possible to maintain the nutritional balance of the product.

You can use water at room temperature, cold or hot according to your desires and versions: Vitaline Daily almonds is very good with cold water and Vitaline carrots is very appreciated with hot water. Be careful not to use boiling water, this too high temperature could alter our vitamins and minerals.

You can also vary and dilute Vitaline with milk, tea, to experience new tastes. There are no rules:)

For the quantity of liquid, we advise you to adjust according to your texture preference.

10. Is it possible to mix the different versions?

It is quite possible to mix the versions. For example, the Red berries - cocoa mix is delicious! You can also combine Vitaline with fruits, in the form of a smoothie or fruity porridge. Anything is possible!

11. How to convert Vitaline kcal in grams and ml?

We are preparing a conversion table for you very soon.
In the meantime, to get an idea:
400 kcal → 95 g (ou 180 ml)
660 kcal → 155 g (ou 300 ml)

12. How and for how long can Vitaline be kept?

To best preserve Vitaline, choose a closed area protected from the sun to limit the risk of oxidation.

Our Daily range products are manufactured with a shelf-life of 4 months for bottles, 5 months for pouches and 2 months for bars, indicated on the product. For the Catalyst range, the bottles and pouches have a shelf life of 6 months..

All orders are shipped within 15 days of production at the most. We use a large majority of natural ingredients and few preservatives. We only use rosemary to limit oxidation and nothing else. It is therefore recommended to consume Vitaline taking into account this best-before date to enjoy all the benefits of our formula. Once this date is over, Vitaline remains completely edible after a few days but there is a risk that the product will be less good.

Once mixed with water you can keep Vitaline in the fridge for up to 24 hours. Vitaline does not keep any longer because we use natural ingredients and there are no preservatives.

13. How to recycle Vitaline bottles and pouches?

Our bottles are made of recycled PET and are 100% recyclable : so you can throw them in the packaging bin.

The pouches are non-recyclable. They are made of craft, polyethylene and a mixture of metals, in order to protect our ingredients from light and oxygen and thus slow their degradation. We know that this solution is imperfect and we are currently working on new solutions to make our pouches biodegradable while having the technology to preserve and protect our ingredients as well as possible.

We will note that if we make the ratio number of calories per package, our pouches generate less waste than all the packaged items needed to make a meal. 4000 kcal in a single package is close to unbeatable;)

Specific diets

14. Does Vitaline help to lose weight?

Vitaline can help you lose some weight, although it is not designed for this purpose. Thanks to its low glycemic index and high protein and fiber content, the feeling of satiety is prolonged and muscle mass strengthened. In addition, Vitaline allows you to replace meals on the go of poor nutritional quality with a healthy solution, and therefore helps you to better control your weight.

15. Can I consume Vitaline if I have diabetes?

Like for any food, you will need to monitor your blood glucose levels.
Generally speaking, our formulas are composed of 40 to 50 g carbohydrates, including 8 to 13 g of sugars per 100 g. Our Ignite version has a higher carbohydrate content (73.9 g carbohydrate including 17.5 g sugar) as it is designed to meet the high need for fast and slow sugars before physical exercise.
In any case, we recommend that you seek the advice of your doctor.

16. Can I consume Vitaline if I am pregnant?

Daily range :
Our Daily bio range consists of complete food of high nutritional quality and for everyday needs. The pregnant woman is therefore allowed to consume it. However, if you have a specific condition, we recommend that you check with your doctor to see if you can use Vitaline during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Catalyst range :
Our Catalyst range has a different balance. Indeed, the products are designed to perform at specific times and in particular circumstances (before an effort, to concentrate...). The balance is therefore different and less adapted to the pregnant woman. We recommend that you seek the advice of your doctor.

17. What are the allergens in Vitaline?

Depending on the different products, the allergens that may be present are: milk (lactose), nuts (almond and cashew nuts), gluten (oat bran).
Allergens are listed in bold on our products labels and on our website.

18. Is Vitaline vegetarian?

Yes, all Vitaline products are vegetarian: they do not any contain meat. We wanted this for reasons of health first, but also for environmental and animal welfare.

19. Is Vitaline vegan?

We're starting to be! We are very pleased to offer you two Vitaline products made with 100% plant-based products: our Tomato version and our sweet potato bar !

The main challenge for us was to find vegetable proteins with organoleptic and nutritional qualities at our high standards. We have found tasty sources that offer a quality nutritional profile: pea and sunflower seed proteins.

Ingredients and quality

20. What is the difference between Vitaline and other products on the market?

Our difference with other brands lies in the nutritional performance of our products, the quality of our ingredients and our internal expertise, from R&D to production.

    - All of our products obtain the Nutri-Score A for the Daily bio range and 90/100 for the Catalyst range.
  • - Our ingredients are chosen by our specialized nutrition engineers for their nutritional quality. We use as many ingredients as possible from organic farming and our Daily range is certified organic . We prefer French and European ingredients.
  • - Our engineers develop our products based on advanced scientific research and go beyond the recommendations of the ANSES. This scientific pillar of our development is essential to develop our products, which are highly technical. Not only do we carry out the research and development of our products ourselves, but we also ensure production and sales.
This strength is a difference from most actors who do not master all these steps. This control allows us to constantly improve the nutritional performance of our products and to have perfect quality control.

21. Is Vitaline organic?

Our Daily range is 100% organic !
The challenge was to find ingredients that were both of excellent nutritional quality and certified organic.

Our Catalyst range does not have the label but contains 80% organic ingredients.
Indeed, this range of products contains active ingredients and the most sophisticated ones are rarely certified organic. Certified organic ingredients are indicated with a small star in the ingredient list of our products.

22. Are vitamins and minerals of natural origin?

For our Daily range, the vitamins and minerals are entirely derived from natural ingredients. For instance, acai berries naturally provide vitamin E and manganese.

For our Catalyst range, we try to integrate as many ingredients of natural origin as possible, but the technical ingredients are more difficult to find in this form. Suppliers offer versions of natural origin, but with lower quality guarantees. We must therefore find the right compromises.

We are working on this subject, and hope to produce a Catalyst range with ingredients entirely of natural origin.

23. Where is Vitaline manufactured?

Vitaline is manufactured in the Paris region, in our production workshop in Rueil-Malmaison.

We carry out all the manufacturing steps ourselves : from the research and development of our products to their production and marketing. By controlling all links in the chain, we ensure that we have the highest quality products possible and can constantly improve our formulations.

Our specialized nutrition engineers and quality engineers work together to continuously improve Vitaline's nutritional performance and design new products. We are also very attentive to your feedback. If you have any comments or questions, do not hesitate to come to our forum .

Buying Vitaline

24. Where to buy Vitaline?

Our products are only sold on our website right now. We are starting to have some points of sale with specialists, such as Cryosanté in Suresnes (France).

25. What is the price difference between the pouch format and the bottle format?

If we compare prices based on calories, the pouches are cheaper. Based on a 400 kcal portion, the prices are as follows:
In pouches → 2,87 € / 400 kcal
In bottles → 3,99 € / 400 kcal

In addition, we apply sliding scale prices (the more you order, the cheaper it is) and the subscription allows you to benefit from a 10% discount.

26. What is the advantage of subscription?

By subscribing, you benefit from a 10% discount on the final price. You will receive your products at home at the desired frequency.

27. How to refer a friend?

You can refer your friends and family by visiting our refer a friend page. You will be able to offer your friends a 20% discount on the discovery pack and receive 10 € for each sponsored friend who has placed an order.