Never taken short. And always operational after lunch.

Vitaline keeps up to 1 year and are ready to consume. More loss of tone with our excellent nutritional quality, the reference in Europe.
Cravings, drowsiness and nibbling at the office: it's over!

In bottles or bar, we develop an excellent nutrition, even in the details, so you no longer have these feeding problems in the office.

An excellent nutrition up to your requirements.

Always ready.
The nutritional reference, ready-to-consume.

Our rigorousness on sourcing and our sharp formulations make Vitaline products the reference in EuropeAnd it's seen on our labels and nutritional profiles without equal.

Quality and nutritional performance are our promise.

Practical formats in any situation

As a meal at the office, for hiking, travelling for food: bottles and bars are practical to take away in any situation.

Easy to store, our products are kept for up to 1 year.

In formats 200 kcal and 400 kcal, they are easy to quantify and adapt to its daily inputs.

Satiating and without a sleepiness

No more cravings at 2:00, real ingredients which hold to the body through sharp formulations.

Thanks to a low glycemic index, no sleepiness after meal.

...and actually, what do our customers say? Our reviews are so good that you may think we bought those!


"Vitaline products have changed my life: Physical energy, time savings, psychic availability, disappearance of bars, practical aspects and taste qualities of meals on the thumb..."

Joachim AUBRY
May 2021

I have never found any equivalent, particularly in taste quality, in other brands.

"The very practical powder of use can be transported to a shaker at the workplace and prepared on site with a single addition of water. I recommend Vitaline for those who want to replace a meal with a balanced substitute with a 100% natural taste...and cheaper than a sandwich or salad!”

Vince TheBarn
September 2021, Facebook

“It’s been several years since I’ve been eating Vitaline regularly, and even more since the restaurants closed as I can eat easily and cleanly at the office. It is practical, nutritious, healthy and very good.”

May 2021

For 3 years, the companion of my projects

“I’m delighted. I consume Vitaline at noon, two to three times a week. Not only does it avoid me consuming something less healthy instead, but besides it frees me time on my lunch break for activities that bring me joy. I love the discreet and cereal taste of powders, I don't get tired of it. Thank you!”

March 2021

Very happy with the Vitaline quality.

"A very digestive nutritious drink, taste and natural flavours, simple and fast preparation. Never a lump. I strongly recommend Vitaline products. And a great thank you for the warm availability and exchange of its Founders, who have been very good advice.”

Katia Lahoussay
September 2021

Vitaline solved my dietary problem.

Today, I consume Vitaline whenever I don’t have a super healthy nutritional solution.

I feel well intestinally, I am not a model-sized “brindilla,” but I have my weight of shape, and I no longer do yoyo between diets and decompensations.

January 2020

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