Salads are healthy, but often not satiating.

"Fabric cutter" products? Not at home.

Yoyo effects, privations... The list of problems related to diets is long... The difference in vitaline products With these other programs and minor products is:

Nutritional quality: Vitaline uses real foods, our products are shredded with labels and nutritional profiles are excellent. No deficiency.

The well-being : The taste is natural. Digestion is light, no loss of tone after the meal.

Practical formats: Rehydrate bottles allow various uses, the bars are convenient to take away. Formulated in 200 kcal and 400 kcal, the 2 formulas are easy to adapt to its daily intakes.

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Quality and nutrition performance is our promise.

"I feel very intestinal, I have my weight of shape and I do not do Yoyo anymore between regimes and decompensations."

Julie, 35 years old
Adapts to your tastes and uses ...
Because well eat it should be easy
Directly to the bottle ...
... hot, unctuous at bowl, with spoon ...
... or in smoothies ingredient and full of other recipes!
... and more convenient to insert into your daily
Pressed Matins
A quick breakfast:
ready in 1min!
The bottle is super convenient to save valuable minutes.
Rejuvenate 100 %
Take a bar + a bottle to always be ready to complete a light lunch.
A satiating snack
The bars provide a durable satiety, ideal for inadvertent cravings. And always the Vitaline excellent nutrition.
Take control over your diet with ease.

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