Excellent nutrition, rich and complete.
As comforting as a soup.
... and especially more balanced!

The problem of soups and instant purees is that it is easy to prepare but do not cover completely Nutritional contributions you need.

With Vitaline you have the 2!

Vitaline adapts to your tastes and uses

Practical to prepareyou will only need kettle For you to regal!

To drink at the mug, unctuous at the bowl and the spoon ... You will tell us news!

✓ Ideal for all or part of meals

Exceptional nutritional quality

Our rigorousness on sourcing and our sharp formulations make Vitaline products the reference in EuropeAnd it's seen on our labels and nutritional profiles without equal.

Quality and nutritional performance are our promise.

Vitaline, excellent diet, always ready.

✓ Ready in 1 min!

the true taste of ingredients

A real well-being feeling

✓ No deficiency
Nutritional over the long term

Satiating but without sleepiness thanks to a low GI

A healthy diet simply.
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6 bottles and 4 bars with varied tastes to discover the one (s) that suits you.

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