Every night, the same mess.
What are we eating tonight ? A quick and healthy dinner is possible.
After a busy day, the last thing you want is to spend time in the kitchen...

… or do the dishes. If we haven't had time to shop, it's even worse!

We have the solution!

Vitaline, super healthy and super practical nutrition to simply optimize your diet.

In sachets, bottles or bars, we develop an nutrition excellent, down to the details, so that you can enjoy your evenings as you wish…

Practical formats in any situation

As a snack at the office, a light dinner at home or on the go: our formats are practical in any situation.

✓ Ideal for all or part of a meal.

In bottles and bars, easy to quantify and to adapt to your daily intake.

Ready in 1 min!

A real well-being felt

The taste is natural, without sweeteners.

Thanks to a low glycemic index, no loss of tone after the meal.

The light digestion is provided thanks to advanced formulations.

Exceptional nutritional quality

Our products are covered with labels and the nutritional profiles are excellent.

✓ No nutritional deficiency over the long term.

Our rigor in sourcing, our cutting-edge formulations make Vitaline products the reference in Europe.

Vitaline is your tip for liberated evenings

✓ The real taste of the ingredients

✓ Practical:
can be stored for up to 1 year!

✓ Varied uses:
as a cold or hot drink, creamy in a bowl or to incorporate as an ingredient in your preparations

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... and in reality, what do our customers say? Our reviews are so good you'd think they were bought!


Really very satisfied with the Vitaline quality.


"Very digestible nutritious drinks, with natural taste and flavors, easy and quick to prepare "No lumps. I highly recommend Vitaline products. And a big thank you for the availability and the warm exchange of its Founders, who gave very good advice."

Katia Lahoussay
September 20, 2021, Facebook Review

Vitaline solved my dietary problem.

Today, I consume Vitaline whenever I don't have a nutritionally super healthy solution.

I feel good intestinally, I'm not a “twig” size model, but I have my weight, and I no longer yo-yo between diets and decompensations.

Julie P.
03 January 2020, Google Reviews

"Vitaline products have changed my life: Physical energy, time savings, psychic availability, disappearance of stumbling blocks, practical aspects and taste qualities of meals on the go...”

Joachim Aubry
May 18, 2021, Facebook Reviews

I have never found an equivalent, especially in taste quality, in other brands.

"The very convenient powder can be transported in a shaker to the workplace and prepared on the spot with a single addition of water. I recommend Vitaline for those who wish to replace a meal with a balanced substitute with a taste 100% natural… and cheaper than a sandwich or a salad!”

Vince TheBarn
September 29, 2021, Facebook Reviews

"I have been consuming Vitaline regularly for several years now, and even more since the restaurants closed because I can eat easily and cleanly in the office. It is practical, nutritious, healthy and very good.”

Eric Milan
May 14, 2021, Facebook Reviews

For 3 years, the companion of my projects

"I'm delighted. I consume Vitaline at lunchtime, two to three times a week. Not only does it prevent me from consuming something less healthy instead, but it also frees me up on my lunch break for activities which bring me joy. I love the discreet and cereal taste of the powders, I can't get enough of it. Thank you!”

Boris G.
March 16, 2021, Facebook Reviews
Vitaline, always ready.
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