Nutritional performance and organic: challenge taken up!

Nutritional performance and organic: challenge taken up!

Our mission is to offer you the most efficient complete feed on the market with an excellent quality and using the best ingredients. With still an excellent price-quality ratio.

That's why we attach great importance to the selection of our ingredients. We are convinced of the superior quality of organic ingredients for proved health reasons and the benefits for the planet. This is why all our recipes have been made with a minimum of 80% organic ingredients until now.

This month, thanks to a deepened reworking of the formulation of the Daily range, we are taking a major step forward : organic labelling! 😀 🎉

For the same price, you will find the nutritional performance of Vitaline with the organic label in addition, that allows us to obtain the exceptional score of 100/100 on Yuka!

On all nutrition criteria (Nutri-Score, macronutrient and micronutrient intakes excellent for health, bioavailability of nutrients...), we believe we offer the best nutrition in the category in Europe. With the award of the Organic label, we are taking things a step further. By keeping the same price, we improve our price-quality ratio, which was already very high!

* Added vitamins and minerals only : legally categorised as "additives".

To take up this challenge, we had three key issues:

  • Sourcing organic ingredients that meet our nutritional quality requirements, from reliable suppliers.
  • Optimize vitamin and mineral intake with natural sources.1
  • Design a high quality lipid source, with an excellent lipid profile (which is often really bad in the agri-food sector), all integrated in a powder format.
If you want to go further, we explain in this article how we co-developed our own organic oil blend, a first in the sector!

1. Added vitamins and minerals are prohibited in organic food. Micronutrients must be provided by natural sources, which is also desirable because it is proven that natural conformations are more bioavailable and the micro-nutrients are more stable in the food matrix .
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