Vitaline Salted Version with Vegetables: Presentation!

After a long development work, we are proud to present our new long-awaited product: Vitaline Carrot Curcuma, the first salt version of the Vitaline range.

For this vegetable version, we wanted to realize a complete remodeling of the base of the product to offer you a new taste experience, far from the simple replacement of an aroma by another. The cereal base has been fully redesigned to match the salty taste while keeping optimized nutritional values.

We have gathered nutrition experts and cooks, made hundreds of ingredient tests and recipes to get the best coherence between nutritional values, tastes and texture.

The cook's touch: a succulent carrot curry

We have established a balanced food base containing buckwheat flour and rice flour precooked to steam, handmade syrup powder and chestnut flour. These four ingredients have excellent nutritional qualities and make it possible to have a taste and texture that fit wonders with a salty version.

This new "Carrot Curcuma" flavor contains carrot, onion, potato and parsley and turmeric. The set gives a taste close to that of a carrot curry, a creamy texture, between the soup and velvety vegetables. Note that this flavor is tailored as warm and cold.

Of course, all these new ingredients are from organic agriculture and certified gluten-free.

The explanation of the nutritionist: a very balanced product with anti-inflammatory properties

Our new recipe retains optimized nutritional qualities. Indeed, it contains carbohydrates with a low glycemic index and maintains a high level of digestibility thanks to the choice of pre-cooked ingredients. Our protein profile remains unchanged, perfectly balanced and digestible with dairy and vegetable proteins.

Our new ingredients like carrot, curcuma and buckwheat do not escape the vitaline rule and have been chosen for their very specific nutritional contributions.

Curcuma and buckwheat have anti-inflammatory properties(1&2) : The ideal for recovering from a sports session! Curcumin, the main polyphenolic pigment of curcuma, also has a strong anti-inflammatory and immuno-modulation power. We associate with the black pepper that makes it possible to increase its bioavailability very largely(1). Saracen contains rutin, a flavonoid with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory role.

Also, to complete the anti-inflammatory role of this new Curcuma carrot version, we increased the omega 3 / omega ratio 6. omega 6 are precursors of pro-inflammatory substances and omega 3 are precursors of anti-inflammatory substances. . As these substances use the same metabolic pathways to transform omega 3 and omega 6, the effects of a rebalancing of omega 3 / omega 6 ratio are very important(3).

Finally, the carrot has beneficial effects on our health thanks to its carotenoid capacity. Carotenoids are pigments with a strong antioxidant role contributing among other things to reduce cardiovascular risks. In addition, the lipids present in Vitaline allow a better absorption of these carotenoids(4).

Tested and approved!

Vitaline Test Version

This new Curcuma carrot flavor has been subjected to the sharp taste buds of our best customers, partners and friends During our last Vitaline event. A vegetable version that has been unanimous at our tastes! The opportunity also to discover Vitaline under different recipes: pancakes, smoothies, cakes ... An evening rich in discoveries and shares!

We wish you a good tasting and hope this new flavor will please you as much as our first testers.



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