Vitaline Roadmap 2018

Keep innovating to optimize your day to day

  1. Vitaline takes a step in optimizing your day to day
  2. Vitaline Daily
  3. Vitaline Catalyst
  4. Pilot Program
  5. New formats

We often make the pledge to you: we work relentlessly to make our products have the best impact on your daily life. We created Vitaline to improve the supply of nutrition products. We sought, tested and selected the best ingredients for your health. Our perseverance has allowed Vitaline to be recognized as the reference in nutrition 1, helping the whole category up the level. We will work tirelessly to continue to progress, with your encouraging positive feedbacks, to provide the best nutrition and remain the benchmark of optimized and complete nutritional mixes.

We are excited to announce today our roadmap for 2018!

For the impatients, here is the schedule of our launches.

Vitaline Daily :

  • Organic : Q2 2018
  • Vegan : Q2 2018
  • Vitaline Daily salty #2 : mid-2018
  • Vitaline Daily salty #3 : fall 2018
Vitaline Catalyst :
  • Ignite : January 2018 (Pilot Program)
  • Focus : March 2018 (Pilot Program)
  • Recover : April 2018 (Pilot Program)
  • Recharge : May 2018 (Pilot Program)
Vitaline Bar : summer 2018
Vitaline Ready-to-drink : S2 2018

Roadmap Vitaline 2018

1. Vitaline takes a step in optimizing your day to day

2018 marks a milestone for us, because after two years of selling Vitaline (December 2015! :)), we are launching Vitaline Catalyst to optimize your activities.

Vitaline has become a reference among complete nutritional mixes and can now develop and produce new product lines maintaining the level of quality we value so much and for which we fight for every day.

Our goal at Vitaline is to provide nutritional solutions to improve your daily life. Our first product (Vitaline Daily) is an optimized food for the long term. This category is often called "complete nutritional mix", "full meal to drink", or "Soylent-like". It was our first step to launch the company both commercially and financially and to set up the organization. Vitaline Daily is a very healthy meal, energizing, and especially "balanced" for macronutrient, micronutrient. It can be consumed for breakfast, at the office or before bed.

To make Vitaline Daily suitable for "any time of the day" it is necessary to moderate the effects. For example if Vitaline was:

  • More energizing: we could no longer consume it before bedtime,
  • More soothing: we could no longer consume it before a sport or work session.

Vitaline Daily is "limited" to a very healthy meal, energizing, and especially "balanced". But we can do much better and for that we need to overcome the constraint "a meal for anytime".

The next step to optimize the daily nutrition is to address specific use cases. For this we are launching Vitaline Catalyst.

From now on, our products will be named:

  • Vitaline Daily: this will be the name of our versions optimized for long-term nutrition, balanced and suited to any time, which until now has simply been called "Vitaline".
  • Vitaline Catalyst: functional meals, designed to catalyze specific activities

2. Vitaline Daily

We will keep improving Vitaline Daily ( we will not rest on our laurels!).
Launching new product lines will not prevent us to move forward on this current product line. It is precisely to be able to carry on both front than we were waiting to have built a strong product development team.

Our next steps:

  • New tastes, ideally 2 new salty induring 2018
  • Organic and Vegan for mid-2018

We will keep on working on the organoleptic fundamentals (taste, texture and solubility) as well as the sourcing of ingredients. These improvements will be incremental and it is difficult to highlight a specific date.

3. Vitaline Catalyst

Vitaline Catalyst: it is our big excitement, as this is a very strong step towards optimizing our body in a way one can clearly feel.

  • With Vitaline Daily we eat quick, healthy, digest well, we feel better after 2-3 days because we have eaten better.
  • With Catalyst Vitaline we push our bodies capabilities to a higher limit.

We are excited that our current topics touch close to the medical and biology fields. Close to bio-hacking.

The Vitaline Catalyst are designed to boost your activities, optimize your diet for a particular purpose: to catalyze your intentions.

With Catalyst we confront fascinating topics, because no player on the market offers equivalent products and innovating fascinates us!
We identify four use-cases that can be optimized through nutrition today:

  1. Before workout
  2. Post workout
  3. Strong intellectual solicitation (office, stress, need to concentrate)
  4. Need to rest, to relax, to recover

To understand, consider the example of Vitaline Ignite (pre workout): we have developed a product that answers the question “what is the best food to be taken before workout?”. Same approach for the other use-cases:

  • What is the best diet for after workout?
  • What is the best diet when I need to focus, being under pressure, and/or lacking sleep?
  • What is the best meal when I want to sleep as much as possible to recover from a challenging period?

What is the difference between Vitaline Ignite and existing sports products?
Existing products are usually divided into 3 categories:

  • Simple carbohydrates and some minerals + vitamins: they provide pretty simple "fuel", avoid hypoglycemia during the session but are not complete.
  • Specific supplements such as "boosters" that do not contain direct energy but are boosters of metabolism. Often very simple and mainly composed of caffeine.
  • High-protein (or protein-rich): they often contain only proteins. These products are often consumed before workout by mistake; they are more relevant after workout for recovery.
Vitaline Ignite is a complete product that addresses the subject of nutrition before workout holistically. We still bring complete nutrition, but this product is specifically tailored for workout. Vitaline Ignite requires no supplement.

Another example of a difference with the existing offer: in Vitaline Ignite, protein intake is low because one should eat very little proteins before workout. Protein digestion is very energy-intensive and reduces muscle tonus because the blood flow is directed towards the intestine which must digest large amount of protein.

However, it still requires a minimum protein intake to prevent catabolism 2 and prevent tetany. Here, before workout, one should consume intelligently protein: in small quantities and of the right type. We need the amino acids that compose muscles and are involved in the repair of micro-tears of muscle fibers. Also, they must be the most easily digestible (so to not mobilize the blood influx to the intestine).

Hence the composition of Vitaline Ignite in protein: 7.5 g (= approximately 1/3 of a suitable volume for a “balanced” meal of 400kcal), to which we add 2.5 g of leucine, isoleucine and valine amino acids (often called BCAA) in a simple form to be quickly digestible.

Our first version of Vitaline Catalyst to launch is Ignite. The first batch was produced in January, we made the first tests the following days, and we take orders from selected customers since January 31st. The first orders we fulfilled on Monday February 5th, and today we open orders to all customers