Une deuxième recette salée pour Vitaline, à la tomate !

A second salty recipe for vitaline, tomato!

We announced it for mid-2018 in our Roadmap 2018, here it's just in time for the summer! We are very proud to present our new recipe Vitaline with tomato, with his tip of paprika, garlic and oregano. A delight to enjoy fresh, which feels good the sun and the Mediterranean.
And especially vitaline nutrition performance.

Synthetic :

  1. The fundamentals quality vitaline ...
  2. ... in a delicious recipe with tomato!
  3. The pleasure of a Gaspacho with vitaline nutritional performance
  4. Vitaline tomato will be vegan!
  5. En route for organic farming labeling (AB)


The fundamentals quality vitaline ...

Vitaline tomato is healthy and powerful nutritionally.

A few months ago we developed our first Salty version Carrot Curcuma which contained a basis of carbohydrates composed of buckwheat flour, cassava, linen, chestnut and potato (the first on the European market). This mixture you liked it a lot, it has even been taken up by competitors ... So we reused it, making the possible adjustments after 6 months of experience. We have for example deleted the cream of rice, whose taste emerged too astringent.

In addition to creating a set that goes well with salty tastes, this base is very powerful because each ingredient brings different nutrients: for example, linen flour contains a lot of omega 3 fatty acids and proteins, and flour. Saracen brings phosphorus and magnesium in quantity.

As always, you will find Nutritional excellence of Vitaline In this new recipe: diversity of sources, digestibility, bioavailability, phytonutrient content, protein and probiotic. These assets make Vitaline the most powerful product nutritionally from the market!

You will not find added sugar and salt in small amount (10x less than a medium gaspacho!) In this new recipe. Sugar is naturally present in the ingredients and comes mainly tomatoes (yes, tomatoes it's "relatively" sweet 😊 ).

... in a delicious recipe with tomato!

For this new recipe, we wanted to please you with fresh and summer flavor, suitable for cold consumption. The ingredients have been meticulously chosen for both their taste and nutritional interest.

Vitaline quality, it is especially that the sources of ingredients are very healthy.
The vegetable content of tomato vitaline is very high, greater than 45% in dry matter! Which means that a bottle contains approximately 3 dehydrated tomatoes, ⅔ of a portion1 Manioc, ⅓ of a potato portion, ½ of a portion of beet, ⅓ of a garlic clove and chestnuts.

This high tomato content gives it its good and natural taste, slightly acidic, and its beautiful red color. Vitaline tomatoes feel the tomato because there are tomatoes, no aromas. But that's not all ! Spices - Paprika, garlic, leaves and oregano flowers - have been carefully assted so that you can enjoy. In any case, this recipe is unanimous in the Vitaline team and among the first lucky ones that have tasted it 😋.

As always at Vitaline, the product does not contain synthetic aroma or exhaustor of taste. And, cherry on the cake, the tomato is rich in minerals! It contains phosphorus, magnesium, calcium and sodium.

Finally, this new version is still rich in antioxidants and retains its anti-inflammatory function thanks to a very high omega 3 / fatty acid ratio omega 6 fatty acids and the addition of garlic, which is a powerful natural anti-inflammatory2 .

The pleasure of a Gaspacho with the nutritional performance of Vitaline

This is the obvious question: but then, what is the difference with a Gaspacho?

Compare the nutritional values ​​of tomato vitaline and a gaspacho3The calculations being based on 400 kcal each, or 500 ml of tomato vitaline and a little more than one liter of Gaspacho. With Vitaline, we make the promise of a complete food on all nutrients and performing nutritionally (~ = healthy and allows to be at the best of its form).

Here is a table of some protruding differences ... The numbers speak for themselves!

In conclusion, a Gaspacho is nice for the freshness ... but for a healthy diet, limited in sugar and salt, rich in protein, complete, which allows you to cover your needs and be at the top of your shape ... Vitaline Tomato wins high hand! 🙌🏼💥

Vitaline tomato will be vegan!

Vegan? ... Almost. Vitaline Tomato has been developed to be Vegan, but phase 1 will still contain a lactose support (for our oils). We will tell you about a blog-post dedicated to Vegan. But in synthesis: get super quality lipid sources without lactose support, is difficult. We have about 3 weeks of time on the production of this ingredient without lactose and did not want to delay the release of the tomato version.

Vitaline Tomato Phase 2 will be Vegan!

To return to this VEGAN passage, we have already passed the challenge of replacing the milk proteins with vegetable proteins, with organoleptic and nutritional qualities at our level of requirement.

In detail, vegetable proteins are generally less digestible and their essential amino acid content is lower and often incomplete. It is difficult to find vegetable proteins that fully respond to human needs. We have found good taste sources and offer a quality nutritional profile: pea and sunflower proteins. Nutritionally, they have strong complementarity, it's very well explained about This figure (The detailed article here is interesting to understand the problem of the aminogram if you have 1 hour). Vitaline Tomato contains essential amino acids, in good ratios (cf below) and in large quantities.

No soy at home, an aminogram we are proud of, quality ingredients.

We think we have the best Vegan protein profile in Europe.

En route for organic farming labeling (AB)

Vitaline Tomato has been developed to prepare the necessary adjustments for our bio labeling. Vitaline tomato contains 85% (dry mass) of ingredients from organic farming. We should reach 95% in June, then get the organic farming label in September. We will talk about it during our progress!

Now, for you to taste! Vitaline tomato is part of our Pilot program, which will allow us to evolve the recipe very quickly so do not hesitate to send us your feelings. You can order Vitaline Tomato Phase 1 right now,Shipments will begin from May 30th. OHe hopes you will like it! 🍅


References :

1. Portion: It is the same portion as when it says "5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day". This represents about 80 g.

2. Zamani, Shahrzad & Ghazanfari, Tooba & Siadat, Zahra & Rastin, Maryam & Zamani Taghizadeh Rabe, Shahin & Mahmoudi, Mahmoud. (2015). Anti-Inflammatory Effect of Garlic 14-KDA Protein ON LPS-Stimulated-J774A.1 Macrophages. Immunopharmacology and Immunotoxicology. 37. 1-7. 10.3109 / 08923973.2015.1005229.