Version 5: healthier, more efficient and more tasteful

Vitaline's recipe is constantly evolving, reflecting the optimization work of our product development team: more efficient ingredients, more reliable sourcing, improved taste, better stability, etc. After several months of incremental developments, we have just completed a major version with the production of the Vitaline V5.


The objective of Vitaline is to optimize two criteria : providing the highest performing and healthiest ingredient. This is an important difficulty because the best performing ingredients are rarely organic or do not guarantee such strict contaminant levels. For this new version, we asked 109 suppliers, tested and analyzed more than 250 ingredients. This new version of Vitaline now contains 84% Organic ingredients (in net weight) and ensures us better traceability.

More efficient

This new version of Vitaline is more powerful.

  • Better bioavailability of minerals : we have improved our mineral intake which allows us to have the most bioavailable forms, such as Magnesium citrate1 or iron pyrophosphate.

  • Better intake of phytonutrients :
    • More polyphenols : these are natural ingredients that come from 22 different fruits and vegetables2. Polyphenols, in addition to their antioxidant activity, are a family of molecules that individually have various protective functions of the organism. Their varied sources guarantee an important diversity of forms.

    • Chlorella benefits: this microalgae is recommended for its richness in proteins, micro-nutrients and phytonutrients that have positive impacts on immunity, anti-oxidation and triglycerides3. We have a reliable and organic source that allows us to integrate it into this version.

  • More stable vitamins : new sources of vitamins allow this gain in stability. To guarantee you good contributions even several months after purchase!
Consuming Vitaline now has an even stronger effect on vitality, in a sustainable and healthy way.

More taste

We have managed to improve the taste of Vitaline thanks to new ingredients and new sources of supply. And this while maintaining our nutritional requirement. Thanks to natural aromas and agave, we have strengthened the flavors already present. In addition, our new mineral blend brings a real freshness to this version!

We hope that this v5 version with its vitality gains will please you even more than the previous one!

See the nutrition sheet of Vitaline version V5

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