Vitaline enters Monop' and Casino!

Vitaline enters Monop' and Casino!

We were teasing you in our last newsletter. That's it. Vitaline is in distribution at Monop’ and Casino.

This is done in parallel with Casino Group taking a minority stake in Vitaline.

This opens up great prospects for us, but we want to stay focused on the job at hand. No way to act like “ La laitière et le pot au lait” (a French novel about losing focus of basically 😉)! We will therefore be brief here.

Ok, but for a consumer like me, what is the impact?

We want to reiterate our commitment to maintain excellent product quality. Our goal at Vitaline remains to develop solutions that advance the food offer with ready-to-eat and nutritionally excellent products. What makes us happy in this partnership with the Casino Group: it is for the product quality that they have chosen us, which is aligned with our goal. It was essential for us.

We want to maintain strong transparency, to be available to discuss with you. We have already had some exchanges on social networks (it didn’t miss: “you are going to sell your soul to the devil”… but it is not knowing us: we are stubborn and will not deviate)... to discuss further, meet us on our forum here! [in French sorry]

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