Feed you as best as possible at the best price possible

Our goal at Source Nutrition, by producing Vitaline, is to provide you with the means to feed you as best possible, as practically and quickly as possible.
We are also working to make Vitaline more accessible: today we announce a price drop of 17% to 28%, added to a 10% discount per subscription and up to 10% per volume.

Tueur de sandwich
We want to be the tueur de sandwich : that eating a sandwich is no longer a satisfactory option, because with Vitaline you have an option that is better for your health, better for your efficiency (no digestive heaviness + energy), at least as convenient and as good in taste.

Allowing you to feed yourself like a champion...
At Vitaline, we often take high-level sportsmen as a repository, because they pay particular attention to their diet, even for that of everyday life. We want you to “fuel like a high-level sportsman” with Vitaline and this quickly, practically and without having the level of knowledge of a nutritionist.

... at the best price possible
One important subject in this equation is price. Food costs expensive, especially when you want quality and high-performance foods. But one of our roles is to give you access to this quality food at the best price. We cut the intermediaries by selling on the Internet, we don't pay wholesalers, no distributors, we win efficiency on our purchases, on our production tools, on our distribution... to lower prices of this quality diet as much as possible.

Declines from 17% to 28%
We are moving on our costs, we are crushing our margins, and this allows us to lower our prices between 17% and 28% today.

Engage you by subscription and volume
Foreseeability and order volumes allow us to reduce costs. We want to involve you in our project by relaying these economies of scale to you.
We also put up to 10% discount per volume and 10% discount for a subscription (from Wednesday, December 14).

We continue to work
We will continue to look for solutions to feed you as best possible for the best price possible. It is our everyday work, that is our goal.
Every time you buy Vitaline, you allow us to take one more step towards this goal.