52 jours pour traverser l’Atlantique avec Vitaline : Check !

52 days to cross the Atlantic with Vitaline: Check!

Two skippers, Nicolas and Guillaume, have rowed 4800 km to cross the Atlantic Ocean. It took them 52 days to achieve this feat during the Talisker challenge. They finished third in their category! In these extreme living conditions and with such intense effort, they chose Vitaline products from the Daily range to accompany them throughout the race. This was an opportunity for us to see the effects and benefits of our products under these extraordinary conditions!

Upon their return, we interviewed the two rowers to measure the role and effects of Vitaline in this experiment.

2 years of physical preparation and organization: between work and sports sessions with Vitaline on a daily basis

V: Can you tell us about your physical preparation? Did diet play a role in this one?
G: Our physical preparation was a long-lasting effort as we prepared for 2 years to row across the ocean. We followed the advice of a professional health coach. It was very important to have a follow-up to our nutrition and optimal recovery. That's why Vitaline was a valuable help to us. The products allowed us to get all the nutrients we needed very quickly in our day and to adjust our diet to our intense work schedules.

V: What was your diet on board?  
N: Our food was divided into three main parts:

  • dehydrated solid food
  • hydrated solid food, which allowed us to survive in the event of a failure on the desalinator
  • Vitaline Daily

V: Why did you turn to Vitaline for this crossing?
N: We needed an energy source that was good, easy and enjoyable to eat. But also of a good caloric value, good for health and easy to prepare. So we naturally turned to Vitaline.

52 days of crossing = 58 kg of Vitaline consumed!

V: How much Vitaline did you leave with?
G: We left with 60 kg of Vitaline on board. When we arrived, 52 days later, we had 2 kg of Vitaline left. We each took 3 shakes a day, that's about 1kg every 100 km.

V: While on board, how did Vitaline fit into your daily life?
N: It was a moment of comfort, especially before nightfall, to be able to have good shakers. This allowed us to have a quick and easy source of calories to prepare while we were in the middle of a dark night during not always favorable weather...

V: What are the effects you have experienced?
N: The main effects are: rapid energy intake, easy digestion, and long-term energy intake. We could easily hold on twice two hours with a good shake of Vitaline.


Guillaume before departure and after 52 days at sea


Nicolas Talisker Challenge
Nicolas before departure and after 52 days at sea

V: What changes did you observe on your body during and after the crossing?
G: Very quickly we realize that we are losing our fat reserves and that the body is deteriorating because of exhaustion and the very, very high rate. So it was essential to take care of our body. For the record, when we arrived after 52 days and set foot on the ground, the first feeling is that the legs are really very weak and that we are no longer stable at all. We had lost 10 and 15 kg respectively.

Nicolas and Guillaume reached their goal by finishing third in their category and dedicating their victory to the association they represent: L'école à l'hôpital.

We are very proud that Vitaline has allowed our two athletes to keep the distance physically and mentally! Both during preparation and during the crossing, our products have proven to be nutritionally effective and have kept their promise of practicality in these extreme conditions.

What are your exploits with Vitaline?