Champignons et poireaux

We are launching in Pilot Program two new Organic Daily: Leeks and Mushrooms!

A few weeks ago, we announced obtaining of Organic label for our Daily range . Today, we are very happy to offer you two new salty versions: Daily Mushrooms and Daily Leeks.

With our two new versions, our range now includes four salty flavors (Carrots-Turmeric, Tomatoes, Mushrooms and Leeks), in addition to our three sweet flavors (Almonds, Cacao, Red fruits), what to vary the pleasures :)

Vitaline nutritional performance in two new flavors

As with all our Vitaline products, the formulation of Daily Mushrooms and Daily Leeks was developed by our engineers from very strict specifications, in order to obtain unparalleled nutritional values in our category.

Vitaline is organic

You will find in these two versions the nutritional performance and the Vitaline quality:

  • Organic label
  • Ingredients from France or Europe
  • Nutri-Score A
  • Yuka 100/100
  • Made in France in our Paris/Rueil-Malmaison production lab

The effects felt are similar to those of the Daily range: easy digestion, no post-prandial "crash", gain of tone and vitality in the long run.

A complete food with a natural and intense vegetable taste

And the taste? We worked it so that it is natural and pleasant. The taste comes naturally from our ingredients, especially vegetables in large quantities. We do not add artificial flavor (which makes Vitaline an exception in this category of products). For example, Vitaline Mushrooms contains the equivalent of 3 rosé meadows, and Vitaline Leeks the equivalent of 3 bowls of fresh spinach and one-third leek 1 . In addition, we do not add artificial additives and our salt content is low (1g per serving).

Vitaline Mushroom has a woody and comforting taste , strong in flavor. It also contains garlic and potatoes, on a basis of buckwheat, yellow flax and chestnut.

Vitaline Leeks is a real concentrated green vegetables reminiscent of a good homemade soup! In addition to leek, it contains spinach and potatoes, similar to the Mushrooms version.

We hope these two new flavors will quickly become your favorites! To celebrate these innovations, we offer a limited edition pack containing 3 Daily Mushroom bottles and 3 Daily Leek bottles . The opportunity to easily test and share your opinion!

We are in Pilot Program phase and expect your feedback on these new products by email ( ), on our forum (in French, sorry !) or by writing an review on our site.

1 Think about dehydration-related distortion! Daily Mushrooms, for example contains 3% by weight ... dehydrated mushroom! But the mushroom contains a lot of water, while cereals, lipids etc. are not dehydrated. It is necessary to multiply by 20 the mushroom weight to find the amount "not dehydrated".