Légumes verts et Cèpes sont en vente !

Green vegetables and Ceps are out!

After taking into account your many feedbacks on social networks, our forum and your customer reviews, dozens of reformulations, search for new ingredients, supplier confrontations, product tests in the R&D lab and then in the team… We are proud to announce the entry into our Daily range of Green Vegetables and Ceps !

These versions get validated from their Pilot Program launched in June 2019 .

The result ? Proud members of the Vitaline Daily range: great taste and with excellent nutritional values.

Proud members of the Daily range: super tasty and excellent nutritional values!

Our promise at Vitaline is an excellent nutritional quality , far above the average for our category.   
   Our Daily range is tasty products, certified Organic, Nutriscore A and a Yuka score of 100 / 100 1.
Excellent nutrition? It is a sum of many details. Among these :

  • Low glycemic index (<40)
  • More than 30 natural ingredients
  • Covers 100% of Nutri Reference Values (in proportion to calorie intakes) on micro-nutrients
  • Ratio omega 6/3<3, and omega 3 in significant quantities
  • Strong antioxidant power (ORAC index>1061/400 kcal)
  • Excellent aminogram

Focus on these formulas: tasty complete foods, quality ingredients, rigorous sourcing

Our two new versions are Vitaline Daily: for an equivalent nutritional promise, we will explain to you how we reach these nutritional values in these formulas.

Green vegetables

The natural taste of Vitaline Green Vegetables comes from the two vegetables present in large quantities: spinach (5.6% ) and leeks (5%) ... But remember it's dehydrated! This represents an equivalent of 68g of leeks and 70g of spinach per bottle or portion of 400kcal!   
  These two green vegetables are rich in chlorophyll, a vegetable pigment with anti-inflammatory properties 2. Chlorophyll and its derivatives are also good antioxidants3.   
  Vitaline Green Vegetables also contains moringa. Often considered a "superfood", this plant native to India is rich in omega 3, minerals and proteins. It provides 19 different amino acids (including the 8 essential ones)!   It also contains various antioxidants4: flavanoids, ascorbic acid (Vit. C), phenols, and carotenoids5.   
  Vitaline Leeks (Phase 3 of the Pilot Program) therefore becomes Vitaline Green Vegetables, and evolves towards a more full, balanced and comforting flavor.


As for Vitaline Ceps, the three mushrooms present in this version are: ceps mushrooms (1%), button mushrooms (1%) and shiitakes (1 %)... and rehydrated it must be multiplied by about 14: or 42 g of mushrooms per bottle!   
  All Vitaline products have excellent protein profiles. In particular in this ceps version, we get it in part thanks to the shiitakes, which contain all the essential amino acids including lysine and leucine, and this, in an equivalent proportion to meat. Shiitake is also considered a "superfood", rich in iron6, proteins, vitamins B and D.   Shiitake is often used in vegetarian diets 7 for this protein profile.   
  Compared to Phase 2 of the Pilot Program, we reworked the formula to accentuate the taste of ceps mushrooms and have more roundness in the mouth, in order to obtain a taste more delicious, velvety and comforting.   
  We are constantly improving the organoleptic qualities of all our products and are delighted to have your opinions on how to develop the products with you! Go to our forum (in French, sorry)!

Green vegetables and ceps mushrooms soon available in sachet

From February 20th, these versions will be available in pouch format to allow you to dose Vitaline according to your needs.   
   The sachet format is more economical (€2.99 / 400kcal for the purchase of a pouch), more ecological (10 servings in a single sachet) and suitable for other contexts than bottles: at the office, at home , or for long trips away from home (trips, hiking, navigation… ).   
   We are proud of our nutritional values and happy to sell these products to you! Give us your feedback on the dedicated topic of our forum or our social networks!

1. There seems to be a typing error in Yuka on Green Vegetables on the day of publication: it is being adjusted with them. The calculation of the Yuka score is not random: with the corrected values, it will be 100/100.
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